English Syntax 2018


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This wiki site is developed as a means of collaborative work among students enrolled at English Syntax class B Academic Year 2018. The main aim is for the students to collaboratively create wiki pages discussing and elaborating on assigned topics in English Syntax. In this semester we will focus on Syntactic Categories and Theta Grid. Each student is expected to contribute to this wiki site, and as it is a long-term project (involving more than one meeting), students are expected to keep revising this wiki site as new knowledge is introduced in the class and new needs are rising. In addition, this class project is also expected to help students in learning English Syntax. Therefore, it requires an ethical commitment to provide valid and complete information so that viewers really learn something from this project


Task 1: Syntactic Category


In your group, do some research on the syntactic category assigned to you. Discuss with your groups and write a wiki page discussing the category. It should minimally discuss:

  1. Definition
  2. Sub-categories
  3. Distributions (morphology and syntactic)
  4. Examples

You are also free to add other relevant information. Other groups can use DISCUSSION page to discuss and provide additional ideas on the page. However, only the assigned group may add the ideas on the wiki page

Due Date

By Week 9 of English Syntax Class

Task 2: Theta Grid



Due Date

By the Week 14 our English Syntax Class


Use the following wiki page to learn about wiki markup language and how to use it in your own wiki page.


Resources for this course can be found here:

  1. Course Presentations can be found here: Course Modules


Each Task will give you a maximum of 5 points. The following criteria will be used to grade your work:

  1. TEAM
    1. Completion (The task completed as instructed and on time)
    2. Elaboration (The wiki page produced provide adequate and useful elaboration and examples
    3. Validity & Relevance (The wiki page contains valid and relevant information)
    1. Individual Contribution (The student contributes satisfactorily to the group work)


The following pages are the results of the collaborative projects. The content will keep being updated as new entry is updated

Task 1: Syntactic Categories/Parts of Speech

  1. Noun
  2. Adjective
  3. Verb
  4. Adverb
  5. Preposition
  6. Determiner
  7. Pronoun
  8. Conjunction
  9. Complementizer
  10. Auxiliary
  11. Modal

Task 2: Theta Roles

  1. Agent
  2. Experiencer
  3. Theme
  4. Goal
  5. Recipient
  6. Source
  7. Location
  8. Instrument
  9. Beneficiary


Task 1: Syntactic Categories / Parts of Speech

Task 2: Theta Theory


Homework on Theta Grid

Choose five (5) Verbs from the following list of VERBS. Analyze and draw a Theta Grid for each of verbs that you have chosen. You can use COCA as a resource for the actual use of the verbs by native speakers of English (American)

  1. walk
  2. hit
  3. give
  4. rain
  5. blame
  6. see
  7. regret
  8. fear
  9. happen
  10. die


0. LOVE (Start with some examples of sentences that you get from COCA)

  • Ii love a cheese burgerj
  • We alli love a polar bearj

(Then draw the theta grid for the Verb. Do not forget that only COMPLEMENT should be included in the grid. ADJUNCT MUST NOT be included in it.)

Theta Grid Model.jpg


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