OJS 3: A Brief Tutorial

Open Journal System (OJS): An Introduction

"Open Journal Systems (OJS) is an open-source software for the management of peer-reviewed academic journals, and is created by the Public Knowledge Project, released under the GNU General Public License". [1]

OJS Version 3

OJS version to is a revolutionary development by PKP as it is quite different from OJS version 2

OJS as an Instance of a Content Management System

Open Journal System (OJS) is an instance of a content management system (CMS) whose aim is to provide an application that can be used by web developers to manage digital contents, while not really being "fussed" with the appearance. A CMS provides a collaborative environment where multiple users can work together with different roles having their own privilege levels, responsibilities, and capabilities. It is also a, sometimes fully, customizable template that web developers can extensively modify a CMS application to suit the need of the users as well as to offer a different "taste" by modifying the looks of a website. This also applies to OJS. PKP, the developer of OJS has provided various settings to modify and a great number of communities, web developers, independent usersetc., can also provide various extensions to enrich the look as well as the management of OJS


The following are the specification of the OJS website developed for the purpose of this tutorial. The looks of this website may be different from the other OJS websites. However, the basic functions and the layout of the features are usually quite similar. The following specification is provided as a guideline if you would like to design an OJS website which looks similar to my tutorial to avoid confusion while using this tutorial. Note: To design a website you will need Administrator Privilege. Read Designing an OJS website

Specification Description Source
Version OJS 3 PKP Website
Theme Bootstrap 3 [1]
Child Theme Example (In Bootstrap theme
Sidebar Management
  • Language Toggle Block
  • Information Block
  • Make a Submission Block
  • Web Feed Plugin
  • Developed by Block

User Level and Privileges


Using OJS 3 for the first time

The following guidelines are intended for first time users who would like to submit their manuscripts. While an OJS website is openly accessible by default (unless disabled by an administrator), to have capabilities as authors, we need to register as authors. In the following sections, I will explain some basic capabilities of an author and how to do them. Click each link to open the tutorial


Editing Profile

Submitting a Manuscript

Corresponding with Editor

Working as an Editor in OJS 3