Simple Wiki Tutorial


in this wiki site, ProjectW, a user should register before they can create, publish, and edit this page. By default, ProjectW is closed for registration. Please contact the Owner, Dedy Kurniawan, for registration. When the registration is open, a new user can register by following these steps:

  1. Click a link titled CREATE ACCOUNT
  2. Fill in the registration form.
    1. Username. Fill in the username of your choice. Keep this for login. Only use small letters and/or number. No space is allowed. Students of English UNJA should use their NIM (All in small letters).
    2. Password. Select a strong password. Keep this password. Do not share it with anybody
    3. Confirm Password. Confirm the password here
    4. Email Address. By default it is optional, but you are strongly encouraged to fill in your email as it will be required for password retrieval in case you forget it.
    5. Real Name. By default it is optional, but you are encouraged to fill in your real name so that the teacher can recognize you directly from your name
  3. Click CREATE ACCOUNT button below
  4. Check the email account that you used for registration. ProjectW Wiki will send an email to verify your registration. Click the verification link to be able to use the account fully


In general, to view most of the content of this wiki site, one does not need to register or login. However, in order to be able to contribute to the wiki, you should register and login first.Read Simple Wiki Tutorial#Registration for details. To login:

  1. Click LOGIN account
  2. Use your username and password and click Login button


To create a new page in this wiki, follow these steps:

  1. Using the SEARCH BOX in the sidebar of the wiki site, type the title of Wiki page that you would like to create. Click GO or SEARCH button.
  2. If the page exists (i.e. another user has created a page with the same title), you will be directed to the page. In that case, you can only edit the content of the page. We cannot create two or more pages with the same name
  3. If the page doesn't exist, you will be offered to CREATE A PAGE (title in red color). Click the title link.
  4. You will be directed to a blank page with the title of your choice. Write the content and click PUBLISH to save the content. A new wiki page has been created.


Creating Sections and Subsections

To organize a wiki page, we need to create sections. Even for a longer wiki page, we need to further divide it into subsections and sub-subsections. An interesting point about having a section is that in wiki we can edit a single section individually instead of a whole wiki page. Use equal signs ( = ) to enclose the title of a section. Start with Heading Level 2 (two equal signs) and add more equal signs ( = ) to create a subsection and further.

No Level Header text Header text
1 Heading Level 2 == Level 2 ==

Level 2

2 Heading Level 3 === Level 3 ===

Level 3

3 Heading Level 4 ==== Level 4 ====

Level 4

Creating Numbered and Unordered List

We can create a numbered list using # sign and unordered list using *. Examples:

No Type Markup Result
1 Numbered List # Number 1
  1. Number 1
  2. Number 2
2 Unordered * Point
  • Point
  • Point

Creating Links

There are several types of links that you can create in the media wiki: External, Internal, and Anchor.

  1. External links are links pointing to an external website. Use single bracket [ and ] to create an external link. Always use http::// prefix with the website's URL.
  2. Internal links are links pointing to an existing page in the wiki. Use double brackets and to enclose the title of an existing wiki page.
  3. Anchor are links pointing to the title of a section of a wiki page
No Link Type Markup Language Result
# External Link without title []] [1]
# External Link with Title [ Etcetera Website] Etcetera Website
# Internal Link [[Simple Wiki Tutorial]] Simple Wiki Tutorial
# Internal Link with a different name [[Simple Wiki Tutorial|Read this Tutorial]] Read this Tutorial
# Anchor Example Example


To edit an existing page, follow these steps:

  1. Log in using your username and password
  2. Search the page title using the SEARCH BOX
  3. Click the EDIT link above the page if you would like to edit the main structure of the page, or click the EDIT link beside each of the sections to edit a single section
  4. Edit the content. Click PUBLISH to save the edit


A registered user can create a discussion about a wiki page, but using a separate page. By separating this discussion from the main content of the page, we can avoid creating a messy page. The discussion can be read and used to improve the content without disturbing the content. To create a discussion, follow these steps:

  1. Login using your username and password
  2. Find the page that you would like to discuss about.
  3. Click the DISCUSSION link on the top of the page
  4. If the discussion has not existed, you will be directed to create a new discussion. If a discussion has started, you can add a new discussion. You can also use (+) sign to add a new section of discussion
  5. Click Publish button to save the discussion